We are Shinjuku Lanes.

Inspired by the streets of Tokyo, where nature is woven into the fabric of urban living, we transform natural materials into luxuriously soft, premium quality scarves and sarongs.

Shinjuku Lanes follows the ‘Wabi-sabi’ philosophy, which can be roughly translated as ‘finding beauty in the imperfections of nature’. Evoking Tokyo style and excellence, each item channels an urban minimalist aesthetic and is consciously crafted from natural, premium quality fabrics, designed to stand the test of time.

Our story

Shinjuku Lanes was founded by Jennifer Yamamoto in 2021 and born out of a desire to combine unique, hand-drawn designs with sustainable fabrics, to create premium quality, eco-friendly accessories for every season. We follow the "slow fashion" philosophy, ensuring that all of our products are designed to be worn over and again, season after season. That's why we're passionate about scarves and sarongs. Not only are they a way to transform an outfit in one swoop, but they are some of the most versatile items in our wardrobe and can be worn year after year.

Our fabrics

We manufacture our products using high quality, sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics that are kind to people, animals and the planet. Not only will they last you longer than scarves made from synthetic materials, but they are also biodegradable. Thankfully, this means they won't be stuck in landfill for the next 200 years, which has become a critical problem in the fashion industry due to the cheap mass production of clothing made from polyester, acrylic and nylon.

The Outbound Collection is made from 100% bamboo, creating butter-soft, dual-purpose sarongs and scarves that drape beautifully around the body. Bamboo has a multitude of winning qualities - it's naturally antibacterial, anti-static, powerfully insulating, UV-resistant and sweat absorbent. Plus, each item is coloured using pH-neutral dyes, which are gentle on the environment.

Our packaging

All of our packaging is recyclable, plus we offset the carbon footprint of every delivery to ensure our products are eco-friendly from start to finish.