Forget ‘beach body ready’: Get your mind in shape this summer

Forget ‘beach body ready’: Get your mind in shape this summer

Summer is in sight, which means we can look forward to longer days, leaving the house without a coat and if we’re lucky, maybe even a sun-filled holiday. Thanks to the much-needed backlash against the ‘beach body ready’ rhetoric, we can safely say that every body is worthy of lying on a sunbed in the Mediterranean with a cocktail in hand. Yet for some of us (hello, Jen here – Shinjuku Lanes founder and certified foodie), the thought of bearing all on the beach makes us thankful that high waisted bikinis are now in vogue.

At Shinjuku Lanes, we believe that alongside flattering resort wear, the secret to feeling comfortable and care-free on the beach is reframing your mindset. That's why we've put together some tips on how to get your mind beach-ready instead.

Practice Gratitude

One of the best ways to banish negative and obsessive thoughts about your body is to regularly practice gratitude. After all, aren’t we lucky to be able to travel to a sunny location in the first place? Each morning in the weeks leading up to your holiday, try writing down five things you’re grateful for. I find it helpful to include at least one gratitude that relates to what my body can DO rather than how it looks.

De-Stress to De-Bloat

Some mornings I wake up and think ‘I feel fat today’, despite knowing logically that my body can’t have changed overnight. Usually it’s because I’m bloated, causing my jeans to feel tighter than usual. But did you know that stress can be a common cause of bloating? When you're feeling stressed, your brain goes into a ''fight or flight'' mode and prevents your body from properly digesting food.

Reducing stress levels is easier said than done, but some methods that can help include daily meditation (try the Headspace or Calm apps), deep breathing exercises and getting out for regular walks in nature. A peppermint tea also does the trick!

Wear What Makes You Feel Good

Wearing beach attire that makes you feel like the best version of yourself is key to exuding confidence on holiday. At Shinjuku Lanes, we believe that beachwear should enhance your body shape rather than hide it, which is why we’ve made our sarongs from a soft bamboo fabric flatters the curves of the female body. They can be worn multiple ways depending on your shape and personal style, and comfortably fit UK sizes 6-18.

Two women wearing a monochrome sarong and a blue and white sarong

Detox Your Socials

Ditch those expensive juice cleanses and dubious teas – it’s time to detox your social media instead. Your online environment can dramatically affect your mental state and the algorithmic nature of social media may exacerbate your insecurities. Is a Victoria’s Secret Model making you feel bad about your perfectly normal body? Unfollow. Are you being advertised diet products? Hide ad. You have a degree of control over what you see online, so use it wisely.

Lastly, keep in mind that your holiday companions probably couldn’t care less what you look like. Life is too short to fret about being beach body ready, so grab your towel, hit the sand and enjoy!

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